Best Radar Detector Under 200 in 2019 Reviewed

Best radar detector under 200 on the market

Speed is awesome!

But it sucks when we get a speeding ticket.

Whether you are a speed lover like Paul Walker or someone who gets speeding tickets frequently, you know how important a radar detector is.

by choosing the best radar detector under 200 bucks, anyone can avoid most of the threats at a cheap price.

They come with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, long-range detection and various other features and yet they are priced under $200.

But first of all, make sure radar detectors are legal in your state. Obviously, you don’t want to get punished due to a device which is supposed to save you from tickets.

Should You Buy a Radar Detector?

Well, YES and NO.

You shouldn’t be buying a radar detector if you are going to use it at any conditions where radar detectors are illegal.

You don’t have to buy a radar detector if you don’t go at speeds above the limit.

Having a radar detector is so helpful in all other cases. It comes in handy when you are driving above the limit and want to avoid possibilities of getting a ticket.

But before you buy one, know that just having a radar detector in your car won’t avoid a ticket. Radar detectors are devices which just detects the radio waves coming from police radar and alerts you accordingly. If you don’t slow down, the chances of getting a ticket are high.

Features to consider when buying a radar detector under 200 USD


The range is essentially how early a radar detector detects a radar. The longer the range, the more time you get to adjust your speed. A range of around 0.45 miles can be regarded as good.

False Alerts

Since the automatic door openers of shopping centers and Blind Spot Monitoring systems of vehicles use the same frequency as police radar, radar detectors have a tendency to give alerts when passing by them also. However, new radar detectors have techniques to ignore them.

When we get too many false alerts, we might ignore it when a real threat is ahead. This is why false alert filtering is important.

When you buy a radar detector, consider the false alert filtering methods available in them.


Radar detectors by default can detect only radar signals. If the device has GPS, it can alert you when you are approaching a red light or speed cam. It can also alert you when you are going above the speed limit.

All high-end radar detectors come with internal GPS. But most of the radar detectors under 200 $ don’t. So when you buy one, look if it has GPS.

Best Radar Detector Under 200

The radar detectors mentioned below are the best radar detectors under 200 bucks. These are competing well with the other high priced best radar detectors on the market.

1. Uniden DFR7


  • Long range radar detection than others in this category.
  • The Blind Spot Monitoring system to filter out false alerts.
  • Red light camera and speed camera alerts.
  • Detects X, K and Ka bands as well as Laser.
  • Comes with voice alerts.
  • Updatable firmware and RLC database.
  • OLED display.
best radar detector under 200
Uniden DFR7


  • Needs a firmware update for better filtering and detection.
  • Memory can store only 100 GPS lockouts.

The Uniden DFR7 is the best radar detector under 200 bucks, offering optimum performance and lesser false alerts than its competitors.

Why is it the best radar detector under 200?

The point of using a radar detector is, getting enough time to slow down when a radar is nearby. And hence, the range of detection is of prime importance.

Uniden DFR7 has a desirable range of detection, giving us enough time to slow down. Other radar detectors in this price range, like the Whistler CR93, offers a lower range of detection than Uniden DFR7.

Radars are not the only way you could get a ticket. Other speed monitoring systems like the red-light camera and speed camera cannot be detected by a radar detector. This is where the internal GPS and database in the DFR7 comes in handy.

The GPS is linked with a database and when you approach speed or red-light camera, the device will give you alerts. The database needs to be updated from time to time.

The DFR7 comes with different false alert filtering techniques also. The Blind Spot Monitoring systems from other vehicles are one of the major false alerts. The DFR7 can do a great job in filtering them out if the K band filter is enabled in settings. And trust me, it is one of the best BSM filters found in radar detectors.

You might have seen people arguing that radar detectors are not useful anymore because they give alerts even when passing by automatic door openers of shopping centers. This problem does occur with low-end radar detectors only. The DFR7 has a mute button, which when pressed twice, will remember the location and mute the future alerts for that location. If a police radar is nearby the shopping center, the device will still give alerts.

The low-speed muting is another helpful feature of this radar detector. You select a particular speed, and the device will mute automatically when you’re driving below that speed.


2. Escort Passport S75


  • Internal GPS.
  • GPS auto lockouts.
  • Has a BSM filter.
  • Good range.
  • Red light and speed camera protection.
best radar detector under 200 on the market
best radar detector under 200 on the market


  • Needs regular firmware updates.
  • For the mark location feature, we have to pay a small subscription fee.

The Escort Passport S75 is essentially a new version of the legendary Escort 9500Ix. The latter was one of the best radar detectors ever made. So you can expect the same performance from S75.

This device has a decent range of detection(still lesser than the DFR7) and has a very less number of false alerts. That is two of the best features that anyone can ask for in a radar detector.

We mentioned the Escort Live as one of the best radar detector apps before, and this device is using the database from the Escort Live app. So you are covered from most of the red light and speed cams.

The GPS auto lockouts is a very helpful feature which is a trademark of Escort radar detectors. The S75 automatically locks out a source it sees at a particular location after three or more passes. Interestingly, the device unlearns a lockout if no signals are present at that location anymore. What an awesome feature!

But, Escort has not done any updates or improvements to this device from the 9500ix.

The users still report false alerts to be on the lesser side. The speciality of this detector is that it gets better each day, thanks to the GPS-auto lockouts. The false alerts are filtered as you go thrice through the same route.

These features make it the second-best radar detector under 200 on the market in 2019. It was released recently and it is the best selling new radar detector on Amazon!


3. Whistler CR93


  • Internal GPS.
  • Stay Alert Feature.
  • Voice alerts.
  • Red light camera and speed camera alerts.
  • Good range, but not the best.
best radar detector under 200 on the market
Whistler CR93


  • Needs firmware updates for the red light and speed camera alerts.
  • False alert filtering is average.

Whistler ruled the radar detector market in the late 70s and 80s. But when the police started using different frequency in radar detectors, their devices started underperforming and gradually they lost the supremacy.

But lately, Whistler has come up strong with their CR series. The CR93 is the improved version of CR90 which came with built-in GPS. What makes it one of the best radar detectors on the market is its features.

Only a few radar detectors under 200 has internal GPS, and the CR93 is one of them. Hence it can alert you about red light and speed cameras. Regular firmware updates is a must though.

The device has a voice alert feature which vocalizes potential threats so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

Talking about the range of radar detection, the CR93 has a shorter range than the Uniden DFR7. The range is good enough but not excellent.

A major problem with the device is its controls. A radar detector should be easy to use since you have to press the buttons when you’re focusing on the road. But the CR93 is not as easy as it should be. The placement of control buttons is not logical and will take some time to get used to.

Overall, the CR93 is a good radar detector under 200 bucks. If you don’t need red-light and speed camera detection, you can go for the Escort Passport S55 which has a longer range of detection than the CR93.


4. Cobra RAD 500G


  • Internal GPS.
  • Protection from red light and speed cameras.
  • Instant-on ready.
  • Laser detection.
  • False alert filter.
  • Low-speed muting.
best radar detectors under 200$
Cobra RAD 500G


  • Still gives false alerts.
  • Needs updating for the false alert filter to work better.

Cobra RAD 500G is the newer GPS version of the Cobra RAD 450. This is also the first GPS radar detector by Cobra.

Talking about the performance, this one has good performance and a good range. But when we compare it with the other radar detectors under 200, this one falls behind.

The RAD 500G has a lower range than the CR93. The false alert filter is nice on this one, but at times this device lags in picking up signals coming perpendicular to the vehicle.

I would say this device is worth the money for 200 bucks, but considering that the S75 and the DFR7 offer better performance than this one, I would prefer any one of those two.


Final Verdict

The DFR7 and S75 offer great performance at this price point. The Escort Passport S75 has an edge over the Uniden DFR7 since it has GPS auto lockouts. The DFR7 needs a button press to mute false alerts whereas the S75 can do it on its own.

In terms of range, the DFR7 is better than the S75. So it is your need that matters. If you don’t want to press mute button quite often, S75 is the best radar detector under 200 for you.

If you prefer range over false alert filtering, and if you go on highways a lot, DFR7 is the best choice for you.

The Whistler CR93 and Cobra RAD 500G are worth the price of course. The former offers a better range than the 500G, and that gives the CR93 a clear edge over RAD 500G.

If I were to buy a radar detector under 200 $, I would definitely go for the S75. Trust me, false alerts are really annoying and the GPS auto lockout feature is a blessing in S75.

Why Radenso SP, Passport S55, etc. are not on the list?

Many have pointed out the Radenso SP and Passport S55 as the best radar detectors under 200 on the market. The reason why we have excluded them is, either they are discontinued or does not have GPS.

A discontinued model is of no use since firmware updates will be limited.

As mentioned earlier, GPS adds many features such as red light and speed camera detection. Why not choose a GPS model when it is available at the same price range?

Best Radar Detector Under 200 in 2019 Reviewed

Speed is awesome! But it sucks when we get a speeding ticket. Whether you are a speed lover like Paul Walker or someone who gets speeding tickets frequentl

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