4 Best Police Radar Detector Apps for Android

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Radar detector companies have researched well and upgraded the detection techniques overtime to give us the best results. Modern radar detectors are able to detect all police radars, even though police have improved their speed detection methods.

However, if you are not a speed lover, or if you are a family man and do not cross the limits very often, buying a radar detector may not be a good idea.

This is where police radar detector apps are important. These apps will not be as accurate and dependable as police radar detectors, but it will definitely help you to some extent.

How Police Radar Detector App Works?

A typical radar detector will detect the signals from radar and warn you if it is in the frequency band used by the police radars. These radar detectors are more accurate than police radar detector apps since they actually detect the signals and warn you.

Police radar detector apps are mostly crowdsourced. If someone finds a radar, they have to update it in the app so that others driving the same route will come to know about it. This is how police radar detector apps work.

The risk is more when you use a police radar detector app since someone should be updating the data.

So which one should you go for? A speeding ticket costs around $100 and a good radar detector costs below $200. You do the math.

If you think a police radar detector app suits the best, we have selected the best of them for you.

Best Police Radar Detector Apps For Android

Gone are the days when we had to buy a radar detector or get a speeding ticket even if we make the mistake less frequently. Today you can simply download one of the best police radar detector apps in your Android/Apple smartphone and use it straight away to work as a physical radar detector.

The main advantage of using them is that they are not illegal in most of states. Some states have regulations, you should check it before using the app. If you still want to use a police detector app, you should go for one of these excellent and effective police radar detector apps.

1. Waze – The Best Police Radar Detector App 2019

Out of a hundred traffic apps out there on PlayStore, Waze turns out to be the best radar detector app 2019 for Android. It will work as a police detector app for Android as well as a driver app.

You will fall in love with Waze because of its awesome features. It will function as your GPS as well as a radar detector. Just that? No! It can give you alerts about traffic, hazards, accidents, cheapest gas and so on. Waze does not detect radars on its own. It uses a database updated by thousands of other drivers to alert you about the hazards and radars on your way.

police radar detector app


  • Live traffic updates
  • Police locations
  • Accidents, hazards alerts
  • Find the cheapest gas along your route
  • Can use on Car’s display
  • Community-based

Most of the police radar detector apps drain your smartphone battery. This is where Waze stands out. Waze removed that problem and provides many more features with less consumption of the battery. Also, Waze is more accurate than other apps since it has much more users than other apps. Note that each police detector app is crowd-sourced and hence the number of users matter.
Waze will detect the speed at which you are driving and will alert you when you cross the limit. It gives alerts on police locations, turns restrictions, police traps, accidents, hazards, etc. Waze is totally free. All you have to do is download and run it.

radar detector app

2. Radarbot Police Radar App

A community-based police radar detector app can put you in trouble if you are in a less crowded area. When there is nobody to give information to the app, drivers going through that area will be trapped if they are going beyond the speed limit.

best Police radar detector apps

That is where Radarbot is important. Radarbot is the only radar detector app that combines the high-tech speed camera detection system that relies on GPS with real-time traffic alerts.

Many people who do not want to buy a $500 radar detector recommend Radarbot, which is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The main advantage of using Rabarbot is that it uses a speed camera detection system, which means you can trust this application even in the less crowded areas.


  • Can be integrated with any GPS navigator
  • Background mode to save Battery
  • Vibrating mode for motorists
  • Voice alerts and notification
  • Real-time alerts
  • Large community
  • Database updated daily

Radarbot can detect:

  • Fixed speed cameras
  • Potential mobile cameras
  • Tunnel cameras
  • ANPR cameras
  • Traffic light cameras
radar detector app

Radarbot has a clean interface that shows the distance to the upcoming speed camera, speed limit, etc on the screen while driving. Radarbot is totally free to use. The pro version removes all the ads in the app.

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3. Cobra iRadar

Cobra is one of the best radar detector manufacturers we’ve seen. The Cobra iRadar app is developed by Cobra and it is, of course, one of the best police radar detector apps out there on the internet.

police radar app

This police radar app uses GPS to find nearby radars and alerts you when there is one. It is a crowd-sourced app and it lets you submit and receive updates about police locations and speed guns.

While other radar detector apps are full of advertisements that might annoy you at times, Cobra iRadar stands out as an ad-free app. However, some of the features offered by this app are available only when it is connected to a physical Cobra radar detector.


  • Less than 5% chance of false alerts
  • Frequently updated database
  • Submit and receive police locations, speed gun locations, etc.
  • Detects red light camera also
  • 360 Degree protection
  • Award-winning app
  • Verified camera database
police detector app

Cobra iRadar is a free app with no ads. And here, free doesn’t mean compromising with its interface or quality. There is only less than a 5% chance of false alerts, which means that it is one of the most accurate cop radar detector apps available for your smartphone.

4. Speed Camera Radar

Speed camera radar is a police radar detector app with the primary function of detecting hazards such as speed cameras, speed bumps, bad roads, etc.

This app depends on a database of hazards previously detected by other users. And the database of hazards is updated on a daily basis, making sure you don’t get in trouble anyway. The app itself can detect speed cameras so you will stay safe for most of the time.


  • Map mode and Radar View mode
  • Night Mode
  • 3D effects
  • Map auto zoom and rotation along the way
  • Dashboard with current driving speed
  • Works in background
  • All countries supported
  • Daily database updates
cop detector app

Speed Camera Radar has one of the best interfaces we have seen in a police radar app. The app can be used easily and the auto-zoom and the auto-rotate feature makes it even easier.

Note that Speed Camera Radar is the only app supporting all the countries of the world and this makes the app a favorite of those who travel a lot.


Out of fifty police radar detectors for android out there on the internet, Waze stands out as the best of all with its amazing and friendly interface and the more accurate radar detection system, thanks to a large community. Almost all the police radar detector apps use a crowd-sourced database to give alerts about the nearby police radars. So it is important to download the one with more number of users.

However, one cannot depend completely on a police radar detector app, even if it is one of the best. These apps often do miss some of the radars, especially in less-crowded areas. Also, having one of the best radar detector apps does not give you the license to drive above the limit. It is, of course, a punishable offense and you should always try to avoid such occasions.

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